Feeding Double Down Year Round

Feeding Double Down Year Round

200″ Tuesday!

Look at the head on this Low Fence Monster Buck!
Over 20 points and a gross score of over 214″ this buck is incredible for a wild free range deer.

This buck was taken during the second year of Brett Holden mixing feed blends. This custom blend has since been modified into “Double Down Deer Feed” and customers are seeing the results.

This is one of the first bucks to show the extreme results Brett Holden hoped to see when he first started mixing his blend. Lots of time, effort, and field testing was put into creating Double Down and the results have been all worth while says, Brett.
Double Down was not built with the intentions of selling it on the open market, but it is now available in almost 40 store across Texas. Loads of Double Down Deer Feed are also being shipped to Mexico and Louisiana to multiple customers looking to grow bigger bucks.
Almost 1000 lbs of shelled peanuts and cottonseed combined are put into each ton of Double Down with a mineral package we feel is second to none.

Higher total digestible nutrient levels “TDN” and better pellet components without all the cheap fillers was Brett’s goal. He wanted a stronger more powerful blend without considering cost. The results now speak for themselves.

Many smaller hunting ranches are now feeding Double Down to draw in bucks from further away. Seeing new deer is always exciting. Many testimonials have mentioned how much their deer love Double Down.
The attractants put into the feed have been working.

Feeding Double Down Year Round has put the excitement back into our hunting seasons.
Never letting the protein feeders go dry 12 months a year is a very important part of our management plan. It has helped keep our bucks in great shape and I feel it keeps them on our property.

Seeing bucks progress more and more each year feeding Double Down has our lease members fired up about hunting more than ever. Our young bucks are looking better than ever each year and our old bucks are still surprising us more and more each season with antler growth I never thought possible hunting low fence deer.

Brett Holden
Ranch Manager
Holden Pasture Deer Lease
South Texas

Feeding Double Down Year Round has put the excitement back into our hunting seasons.

It’s What We Are Feeding Them

Wide Wednesday!

This low fence monster buck has it all and has been fed Double Down Deer Feed year round!

Talk about a true Double Down Dream Buck.

Wide, lots of mass, tall tines, forked G2, long main beams = Buck Fever!

Seeing a wild, free range, low fence buck like this walk out would get any low fence hunters heart pounding.

This buck was passed last year by the lease members on this ranch.
This buck was an 8 point and had no droptines the year before and last year grew double drops!

We love seeing customer results like this. Feeding Double Down Year Round can be the game changer in your management plan.

Drawing new bucks into your hunting location can be exciting.

“It’s What We Are Feeding Them”

double drop tine

Best Supplement Deer Feed

Double Down Deer Feed – Best Supplement Deer Feed

Here is one of our favorite examples of why we think Double Down Deer Feed is the best Supplement deer feed on the market.

This Low Fence buck added a lot of inches! He was estimated to score 160″ gross and was taken by the hunter “Don Holden” as a 206″ South Texas Low Fence monster buck!

Double Down Deer Feed is a custom feed blend that we think has become the most powerful feed available and is consistently producing contest winning record bucks!

Thank you everyone for 4000 Likes from all of us here at Double Down Deer a Feed!

“It’s What We Are Feeding Them”

Best supplement feed on the market

Feeding deer year round can make the difference

This just says South Texas! What a great looking low-fence monster buck! Lease members gave this buck a pass last season. I sure hope we get pictures of his progress this year!

Feeding a consistent blend of feed year round can make the difference!

Never changing the deer’s diet and feeding the same blend of feed with the same ingredients throughout the year can be a game changer!

This is another example of why we are so proud of Double Down Deer Feed. Proven results from the blinds and in the pasture raising free range monster bucks!


south texas best deer feed on the market
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Feeding deer year round can make the difference