Double Down Deer Feed™ 50lb Bag

Double Down Deer Feed™ - Brett Holden's Protein of Choice - 50lb bag Feed analysis: Protein – 20% Fat – 3.5% Fiber – 6.5% • Peanuts are a cornerstone in this ration • Diamond V Yeast to aid in healthy rumen activity – translating in a deer efficiently utilizing each component of this ration (most bang for your buck). • Complete Vitamin and Mineral Package – We have developed this mineral package over the past 20 years and feel it provides healthy levels of both macro and micro ingredients that play a vital role in a healthy deer population, antler growth, and development. • No Least cost formulating - the feed you purchase in February will be the exact same feed that you buy in June. Commodity prices do not dictate our feed ingredients as quality is our main goal. • This is a Premium Supplemental Feed formulated and proven to grow big deer.



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A Protein Chat With Double Down Deer Feed Creator Brett Holden [PODCAST]

Learn How Double Down Deer Feed Produces Amazing Growth Results Year After Year In Wild, Free-Ranging Deer From Creator And Founder Brett Holden.

by Carlos Riojas | Jun 6, 2017 | How To, Hunting, Podcast |


Amazing Growth Results Year After Year In Wild, Free-Ranging Deer From Creator And Founder Brett Holden.
A Protein Chat With Double Down Creator Brett Holden


Protein – 20%
Fat – 4%
Fiber – 6.5%

Double Down supplemental deer feed is our latest and greatest product to hit the marketplace. The origin of this feed lies in the close working relationship with our good customer Brett Holden. In 2013 Brett came to us asking for a ration/blend of his own, and after tweaking and formulating we got this feed dialed in just for Brett to use on his low fence lease in Maverick County. Fast forward to 2015 and now we are now offering Double Down as a commercial stock item.
We utilize peanuts as a cornerstone and key feed component in this feed line. Plus the built in mineral package has stood the test of time. We also added a new wrinkle in formulating this feed by utilizing Diamond V yeast, which is proven to aid in healthy digestion that translates into a healthy rumen.
Feel free to contact us for further information as we are happy to assist you in “Doubling Down” on your deer protein needs.