Feeding deer year round can make the difference

This just says South Texas! What a great looking low-fence monster buck! Lease members gave this buck a pass last season. I sure hope we get pictures of his progress this year!

Feeding a consistent blend of feed year round can make the difference!

Never changing the deer’s diet and feeding the same blend of feed with the same ingredients throughout the year can be a game changer!

This is another example of why we are so proud of Double Down Deer Feed. Proven results from the blinds and in the pasture raising free range monster bucks!


south texas best deer feed on the market
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Feeding deer year round can make the difference

Monster South Texas Whitetail Bucks

Another Satisfied Customer – Double Down Deer Feed Customer Testimonial 

Chris Embrey took this beautiful Webb co. 170 6/8 monster buck! Chris says his buck  added around 15 inches this year after feeding Double Down Deer Feed. Chris also says Mass was a BIG improvement this year.

Another satisfied customer and another Monster South Texas Whitetail Bucks!

Thank you Chris for sharing you story and photo with us here at Double Down Deer Feed!


Monster South Texas Whitetail Deer

Best deer feeding times

This beautiful Double Down Deer Feed low fence monster buck

steps in for a bite of protein just before last light of the last day of deer season. Seeing a buck like this survive the season and in great shape post rut has to have the lease members excited about next year already! What a beautiful low fence buck!

Photo by: Ranch Manager, Brett Holden

Holden Pasture Deer Lease – best deer feeding times

best deer feed on the market in south texas

Holden Pasture Deer Lease Low Fence Buck

Congratulations to Drake Singleton – low fence deer hunting

Drake Singleton - Double down deer Feed 1 Contest
Congratulations to Drake Singleton (age) 8 for his 162 1/8 – Low Fence 12 points “first buck ever” on the
Holden Pasture Deer Lease!

Monster Low Fence Bucks in Texas

big giant white-tail deer in south texas

2 Bucks of a lifetime for 2 brothers!

Customers Jimmy and Matt Hammond show off their monster Low Fence, Web county Double Down Deer Feed Bucks! The brothers say their 2 bucks added 40-50″ combined after feeding Double Down Deer Protein for one season! Feeding year round has become a proven and important part of many successful hunters management plans!

Congrats guys! And thanks for the photo!

– JM

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