Double drop tine monster buck

200″ Tuesday!

Look at this beautiful double drop tine monster buck!

This buck has it all!
Results like this make us very proud of our product.

This buck was fed Double Down Deer Feed and exploded in antler growth last season!

Congrats Robert Raney on a true native Frio County monster buck!

Making real, wild deer monsters, high fence and low! Its our goal!

Proven results year after year by hunters from the pasture and in the stands on wild deer!

“Its What We Are Feeding Them”

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south texas monster bucks

Double Droptine Buck

Double Droptine Buck

Congratulations to Robert Raney on his South Texas Monster Buck! Robert took this monster 227″ double droptine buck earlier this week while hunting with Clayton in Frio Co.

Clayton began feeding Double Down at the end of last deer season and his results are in the photo.Clayton says this buck added an estimated 52″ in antler growth this season!

He added droptines, mass, kickers, spread and became a true native brush country giant! Seeing wild, natural, native deer explode like this is what makes us so proud of our product!

Clayton says ” Double Down Deer Feed raised us a true native monster buck the old fashion hard way”.

Thanks for the photo Robert and Clayton! What a monster!