Circle V Ranch Center

Circle V Ranch Center – Sells Double Down Deer Feed

Stopped by Peggy’s in Carrizo Springs Texas yesterday. They are fired up about deer season. Great folks and one of our largest DD distributors. Thanks for being such a large part of Double Down Deer Feed Peggy!

Please call first for large orders in advance. Peggy carries a lot of DD but goes through it fast! Peggy also delivers!

Visit their website at:

Ask for Peggy or Joyce
(830) 876-5354

— with Circle V Ranch Center 

peggys circle v

Holden Pasture Deer Lease Low Fence Buck

Congratulations to Drake Singleton – low fence deer hunting

Drake Singleton - Double down deer Feed 1 Contest
Congratulations to Drake Singleton (age) 8 for his 162 1/8 – Low Fence 12 points “first buck ever” on the
Holden Pasture Deer Lease!