Matt Hammond Testimonial

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Double Down,
“In the past 3 years, I have been blessed to take 3 amazing trophy bucks from two separate counties and ranches. My first was a 185 from my deer lease in Webb county a buck that also had 38 inches of mass. Last year I switched leases to hunt with some close friends on a ranch in Maverick County. I took a 184-inch giant with a 7-inch drop tine. Well, this year proved to be another amazing year I found an awesome buck visiting the protein feeder daily on trail-cam in the summer and hunted him for half the season without ever seeing him on the hoof. My patience was tested for sure until he finally stepped out on December 13. He is my personal best scoring 189 3/8”. This buck exploded in antler growth this year! In those years I changed ranches and counties, but one thing was constant I have fed Double Down Deer Feed the entire time.

Once I found Double Down I knew I was on to something. I’ve never seen results like this and never imagined I’d shoot trophies of this caliber 3 years in a row. It is without a doubt the best deer feed on the market I️MO and I already can’t wait to see what next season brings!!

“It is what I️ am feeding them” and will without question continue to do so!”

-Matt Hammond
South Texas

Thank you, Matt, Congratulations on an incredible LF buck of a lifetime! We really enjoy hearing stories like this from our friends and customers!

Keep them coming, folks!

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It’s What We Are Feeding Them

Wide Wednesday!

This low fence monster buck has it all and has been fed Double Down Deer Feed year round!

Talk about a true Double Down Dream Buck.

Wide, lots of mass, tall tines, forked G2, long main beams = Buck Fever!

Seeing a wild, free range, low fence buck like this walk out would get any low fence hunters heart pounding.

This buck was passed last year by the lease members on this ranch.
This buck was an 8 point and had no droptines the year before and last year grew double drops!

We love seeing customer results like this. Feeding Double Down Year Round can be the game changer in your management plan.

Drawing new bucks into your hunting location can be exciting.

“It’s What We Are Feeding Them”

double drop tine

Incredible bucks

Double Down Deer Feed,

I just got my incredible bucks back from the taxidermist!

Top left 205″ 14 points low fence from the year before last.
The bottom is the buck I took this past season and just picked up. He is another low fence buck and scores 202″ with 17 points and over 40″ of mass.

Both bucks were fed Double Down Deer Feed year round.

I am very excited to see what Double Down does for the deer at my stand this year!

It’s what I’m feeding them and will be from now on!

John Duffy

Thank you, John! Those are some incredible bucks and great looking mounts!

best deer feed and deer protein

Double drop tine monster buck

200″ Tuesday!

Look at this beautiful double drop tine monster buck!

This buck has it all!
Results like this make us very proud of our product.

This buck was fed Double Down Deer Feed and exploded in antler growth last season!

Congrats Robert Raney on a true native Frio County monster buck!

Making real, wild deer monsters, high fence and low! Its our goal!

Proven results year after year by hunters from the pasture and in the stands on wild deer!

“Its What We Are Feeding Them”

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south texas monster bucks

Low-Fence Buck from South Texas

Low-Fence Buck – Double Down Deer Feed

Another Double Down Deer Feed “Low-Fence Buck Explodes into a free range South Texas giant!

Lease members estimate this buck to have added 35″ this year from last. His G1s are incredible! After viewing video clips of this buck at camp the lease members believe the 5-G1s alone will measure 26-28”! Now that’s a mess of brow tines! The buck is a main frame 11 also supporting a large forked G2 making him a total of 15 points.
Now that’s a buck! WOW!

Ranch Manager Brett Holden says,
This buck added tine length, beam length, several brow tines, wider spread and a great deal of mass!

It is incredible to see these totally wild, free range bucks explode into deer I never thought possible “without introducing genetics”!

Seeing bucks like this walk into the sendero is a dream come true for any low fence trophy hunter. The accomplishment of doing it with only a good feed program and good age structure has me and my group of hunters excited beyond words!

Double Down Deer Feed has brought the excitement back into trophy hunting whitetail deer for us!

Brett Holden

Photo courtesy:
Holden Pasture Deer Lease

Double Down low fence bucks

Double Droptine Buck

Double Droptine Buck

Congratulations to Robert Raney on his South Texas Monster Buck! Robert took this monster 227″ double droptine buck earlier this week while hunting with Clayton in Frio Co.

Clayton began feeding Double Down at the end of last deer season and his results are in the photo.Clayton says this buck added an estimated 52″ in antler growth this season!

He added droptines, mass, kickers, spread and became a true native brush country giant! Seeing wild, natural, native deer explode like this is what makes us so proud of our product!

Clayton says ” Double Down Deer Feed raised us a true native monster buck the old fashion hard way”.

Thanks for the photo Robert and Clayton! What a monster!


Low Fence Trophy

This young buck did well after a year of Double Down Deer Protein Feed!

This is a nice upper comer that put in inches!
2013-2014 he was a 9 point. 2014-2015 he became a nice wide spread 10 point.

This young buck added spread, mass, beam length, tine length and a G4 after one season of feeding him the New Double Down Deer Feed.

Another buck that could become a low fence trophy of a lifetime for some lucky hunter!


south texas low fence trophy buck

Supplement Deer Feed

Double Down Deer Feed – 

Here is one of our favorite examples of why we think Double Down Deer Feed is the best Supplement deer feed on the market.

This Low Fence buck added a lot of inches! He was estimated to score 160″ gross and was taken by the hunter “Don Holden” as a 206″ South Texas Low Fence monster buck!

Double Down Deer Feed is a custom feed blend that we think has become the most powerful feed available and is consistently producing contest winning record bucks!

Thank you everyone for 4000 Likes from all of us here at Double Down Deer a Feed!

“It’s What We Are Feeding Them”

Best supplement feed on the market

Low Fence Monster Buck

South Texas – Low Fence Monster Buck

Antlers are one thing but body weight is another. This beautiful 205″ “low fence” South Texas Buck not only displays his incredible set of antlers, look at the body on this buck!

This is the results we were looking for when building the custom ” Double Down Deer Feed” blend!

Thanks Holden Pasture Deer Lease for the incredible photo!


double down deer feed monster low fence buck