It’s What We Are Feeding Them

Look at this low fence Double Down Deer Feed- double drop monster buck!

Thanks for the photo Joe! What a buck! What a picture!

Joe says this buck gets a pass this year. He also says this buck was an 8 point with a split G2 last year. He estimates this buck added 4″ in spread, lots of mass, more points, longer main beams and grew double drops after another year feeding Double Down!

Proven result on Wild Deer from the pasture and in the stands by hunters!

“It’s What We Are Feeding Them”

South Texas Monster Bucks



Supplement Deer Feed

Supplement Deer Feed – Double down Deer Feed

Double Down Deer Feed was created as a custom supplement deer feed for Brett Holden, Ranch Manager of the Holden Pasture Deer Lease in South Texas to assist in raising monster free-range bucks.

Feeding Low-fence or High-fence ranches we feel our Protein Pellets stand alone in the market. Double Down Deer Feed was built strictly for free range “wild deer”.

We take pride in our product which consist of almost 1000 lbs of peanuts and cottonseed per ton and a tweaked mineral package ground up into the pellet we feel is second to none.

Our products success has been judged in the pasture and from the stands by deer hunters. The word is spreading fast now that antlers are starting to show their true potential. With extremely high “TDN” Total-Digestible-Nutrients and the extreme components Double Down Deer Feed Pellets consist of we feel Double Down is the most powerful deer feed available on the market.

Happy- satisfied customers with a healthy herd and more massive antlers is our goal. Building body weight faster can assist in larger more massive antlers. Feeding Double Down year round can be a game changer in our opinion, hunters from areas all over Texas are starting to see the changes since switching to Double Down. This again makes us SUPER PROUD!

Thank you to all of our customers and friends for sharing all the incredible testimonials and photos!

Thanks you to all of our Facebook followers for sharing and liking our page and spreading the success stories of Double Down Deer Feed to all of your friends!

We have much more ahead of us to share here on our page as the 2016-2017 Texas Deer Season approaches. This Deer Season should be super exciting and we are really looking forward to posting all the results from our Custom Double Down Deer Feed customers and friends!

Thanks JM.


double down deer protein



What an incredible LOW FENCE MONSTER BUCK!

Check out this South Texas low fence monster buck over a 3 year period! This buck has been watched by lease members since 2008! He has always maintained a high 150-165 class frame. At an estimated 11-12 years old he exploded over the past 2 years feeding Double Down Deer Feed!

The lease member say this buck was the most regular at this feed location and was in more trail camera pictures than any other buck in the area.

This is just one example of why we believe Double Down Deer Feed is the most powerful Supplement Deer Feed on the market! Can you imagine the smiles on the lease members faces when they saw the pictures of this buck!

Photos provided by:
Ranch Manager, Holden Pasture Deer Lease ,Brett Holden.

Giant wild boar called “Gatzilla” taken by female hunter in South Texas!

Here is a picture of the ranches legendary giant wild hog named “Gatzilla”!

Jennifer Singleton took the beast with a rifle early this morning 12/10/2015 on the Holden Pasture Deer Lease in South Texas! The giant wild boar was loaded in the truck with a wench and taken to camp for photos.. We are now safe once again to refill our protein feeder with Double Down Deer Feed Brett says! This hog has been busting feed pens and rooting up T-Post since last season. No more waisted Double Down Deer Feed in this hog!

Gatzilla is dead!!!

Congrats Jennifer on your giant hog!

holden pasture deer lease giant hog

Holden Pasture South Texas Deer Lease



Holden Pasture South Texas  “Youth Weekend”

11 year old Mario Lerma “Munch Man” took this cool droptine buck Saturday evening hunting with Brett. The buck was injured on his back leg. The break did not appear to heal and the deer was having a tough time. The drop was measured in 5 of the deer contest at 11 2/8s to 11 4/8s. One happy young man! Here is a picture of Munch Mans buck. I’ll post the link to the video as soon as it’s up