Double Down Deer Feed

It's what we're feeding them!
Proven Results Year After Year
Double Down® Pen and Pasture™

Double Down® Pen
and Pasture™ was developed with complimentary key components including a superior vitamin and mineral package also found in the original custom blend, Double Down® Deer Feed! Pen and Pasture™ is built and based on proven ingredients that have produced results for hunters year after year!

Pen and Pasture™ was developed and designed to give hunters an alternative option of supplemental feeding from Double Down® Deer Feed throughout the year without
sacrificing or drastically altering the diets of your deer herd. Ingredients
are key to ensuring healthy transitions between supplemental feeds. In our opinion, minimizing stress and nutritional waste when alternating between feeds based on annual needs are key to continued progression of your herd.

Double Down® Pen and Pasture™ includes increased fiber content to support diets during harsh
winter and severe drought conditions without sacrificing the nutrition deer
demand during these stressful times.

Double Down® Pen
and Pasture™ was specifically developed to be fed free choice to pen raised deer in confined environments, post-rut deer as well as free range deer in the pasture.

key benefits

Pen & Pasture

- Developed with proven key components similar to our Original Double Down Custom Blend.

- Allows Hunter’s the ability to switch betweenOriginal and Pen & Pasture as needed throughout the year, when fiber is less abundant.


- A “Purpose Built Ration” formulated to provide “Quality Fiber” when needed for pen raised deer and exotics or post rut deer and exotics in the pasture.

- Includes a proven Vitamin and Mineral Package formulated to compliment the needs of Whitetail and Exotics.

- Contains Double Down’s Proprietary Attractant to promote increased consumption.